One Night @ The Call Center by Chetan Bhagat book review

One Night @The Call Center by Chetan Bhagat book review

One night at the call center book review
One night at the call center book review
No Spoilers – Enjoy.

Chetan is known for India’s Youth Icon for the making novels for Youth. Well this one is not different. After his novel about Engineers, here comes his 2nd novel about people who work daily at night - @ the call center. When I read the words written behind  the book it clearly showed that the story is based on one night. The events happen only in ONE NIGHT. Its Chetan’s wit that he gracefully made a story in just one night...
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Chetan is himself is in his novel, is travelling on a train and meets a beautiful girl there who offers her to tell a story. But here’s a catch. Only on one condition. He will make it into his second book. The story is about 6 people working together at a Call Center, on their night shift. The story deals with the events happening in one single night. It’s that night which changes their lives forever. Its the night when they receive a call from GOD.

I often find Chetan’s language really simple. He makes novels in point of view for the Indian Audience and this one’s same. The humour on the other hand is really great. The story is from the perspective of one six people – Shyam. The story revolves around how he sees everything and how it comes out.

All six people work on the same team and are frustrated from their jobs, their life, and most importantly their evil boss (BTW evil really doesn’t define him, we need some more evil words in it) – Bakshi. Bakshi is the manager at Connexions (Call center where they work) and gives them the news that one third of people their are gonna loose their job and that might include them. Just because the company is managed by some pathetic losers like bakshi.

On one night the life brings them such twists that will change their life.
Will they be able to save their jobs? Others jobs? What about the call from GOD?
Well if I will tell you everything, what will you read.

Humour - 3.5 /5
Writing – 3 /5
Story – 3.5 /5
Overall Enjoyment – 70%

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