Learn C++ Exception Handling in 2 hours + 80% SUMMERSALE discount Coupon

Learn C++ Exception Handling in 2 hours Udemy course and 80% SUMMERSALE discount Coupon

C++ exception handling udemy course discount coupon
Udemy's course on Exception Handling in C++ from basic to advanced

Planning to learn something worth this summer? Why don't you learn the most typical and important topic in any programming language - C++ Exception Handling with examples.

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Don't know where to start - click on this link to watch the promo video of this course. Not only this we also have some preview videos to get you started before you actually enroll in the course. 

Also Udemy's 30 days money back guarantee if you don't like the course, but that's not gonna happen since 180+ students have already enrolled in the course and are satisfied with it.

Watch the promo video of what the course covers and decide yourself if its worth taking.

Udemy discount coupons SUMMERSALE for c++ exception handling course
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   The course will cover the following topics :

  1. Why there was a need for exception handling.
  2. Basics of Exception Handling.
  3. How Exception handling works / mechanism.
  4. Use of try, catch and throw.
  5. Function that generates exception.
  6. Multiple catch statements.
  7. How to Catch all the exceptions using (...)
  8. Nested exception handling
  9. Restricting / Specifying throw restriction
  10. Re throwing an Exception
And much more along the way...
This topic is highly recommended on the perspective of Interviews for companies or Examination.
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Disclaimer - Coupon Code SUMMERSALE is limited, so better hurry before it runs out.

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